25 Jan 2014

Smt. Krishna Tirath Felicitates the recipients of National Bravery Award 2013

Smt. Krishna Tirath, Minister of Women and Child Development
Smt. Krishna Tirath, Minister of Women and Child Development felicitated twenty children who were the recipients of National Bravery Award 2013 and parents and guardians of five children who have given the award posthumously, here today.
Speaking at the occasion, Smt. Tirath said that the children are the future of the country and the recipients of the Bravery Award have demonstrated exemplary courage and valour in their lives. 
She praised the children and said that their acts inspire children in various other parts of the country as most of these children come from remote, rural and hilly areas where life is not easy.
The Minister for Women and Child Development said that 90% of the Ministry’s budget is spent towards the development and welfare of the children. The caring of the children begins even before they are born, by schemes for pregnant and lactating women. 
She also said that through Sabla, ICDS and many other schemes, the Ministry is continuously working towards development of children.
Out of 25 children awardees this year, 16 are boys and 9 are girls. The names are as follows–
·        Mahika Gupta from Delhi has been given Bharat Award for displaying exemplary valour and sense of duty in saving her brother’s life.

·        Malieka Singh Tak from Rajasthan has been given Geeta Chopra Award for displaying rare grit and determination in fighting off her molesters.

·        Shubham Santosh Chaudhari from Maharashtra has been given Sanjay Chopra Award for his exemplary courage. He saved two lives.

·        Mausmi Kashyap from Uttar Pradesh is awarded with Bapu Gaidhani Award for sacrificing her life in trying to save a girl from drowning. She has been given the award posthumously.

·        Aryan Raj Shukla from Uttar Pradesh is awarded with Bapu Gaidhani Award for sacrificing his life in saving five lives by his sense of duty and heroic action. He has been given award posthumously.

·        Sanjay Navasu Satur and Akshay Jairam Roj from Maharashtra are awarded with Bapu Gaidhani Award for displaying outstanding bravery in fighting a wild animal.

·        Tanvi Nandkumar Ovhal from Maharashtra has been awarded for saving her sister’s life by her act of courage.

·        Kharibam Gunichand Devi from Manipur for saving her cousin’s life from drowning.

·        Remlalhruaitluangi’s from Manipur displayed extraordinary courage by saving a precious life.

·        M. Khayngthei from Manipur displayed exemplary courage in rescuing his friend. He has been given award posthumously.

·        Vanlalhriaia from Manipur for saving the life of his friend from drowning.

·        Kangleinganba Kshetrimayum’s daring act saved two lives. He is from Manipur.

·        Sagar Kashyap from Delhi for displaying extraordinary courage in saving three lives.

·        Malsawmtluangi and Hani Ngurdinthari from Mizoram displayed rare courage in saving several lives from drowning. Malsawmtluangi jumped into the water despite knowing swimming and lost her life in the process. She has been given award posthumously.

·        S. S. Manoj a 12 year old boy from Karnataka showed extraordinary courage by saving the life of a 42 yeard old physically disabled lady.

·        Subin Mathew, Akhil Biju and Yadhukrishnan V.S. from Kerala for saving a life with their brave act.

·        Shilpa Sharma from Himachal Pradesh displayed indomitable courage saved her brother’s life from the attack of the Leopard.

·        Saurabh Chandel’s from Madhya Pradesh gallant act saved two lives.

·        Abhishek Ekka’s brave act saved his friends life from drowning in a 40 feet deep well. He is from Chattisgarh.

·        Rohit Ravi Janmanchi’s courageous and prompt action thus saved a girl’s life from 6 feet deep and 12 feet wide drain. He is from Maharashtra.

·        L. Manio Chachei from Nagaland for displaying exemplary valour and sacrificing his life in trying to save his friends. He has been given award posthumously.

The National Bravery Awards were instated 1957 and in 1958 two children, a boy and a girl, were first rewarded for their presence of mind and courage. Since then, the Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW) confers the National Awards on children every year.
In 1987-88, ICCW instituted the Bharat Award for an exceptionally outstanding, meritorious and gallant deed. The other special awards include the Geeta Chopra and Sanjay Chopra (instituted by ICCW in 1978) and the Bapu Gaidhani Awards (instituted in 1988-89). Since the inception of the scheme in 1957, the Indian Council for Child Welfare has given awards to 871 brave children, 618 boys and 253 girls.
Present at the occasion were the recipients of the National Bravery award and the parents and guardians of the posthumous awardees. Also present at the function were Shri A. K. Jain, Secretary, Ministry of Women and child Development, Smt. Geeta Siddharth, President ICCW and other senior officers from the Ministry of Women and Child Development, ICCW, NCPCR and NIPCCD.

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