16 Dec 2013

Vanishing Tribal Arts

The Minister of Culture Smt. Chandresh Kumari Katoch
The Minister of Culture Smt. Chandresh Kumari Katoch has said that with rapid urbanisation, preservation of folk and tribal art & culture is a major challenge in the country.

 To meet this challenge, the Government has set up seven Zonal Cultural Centres (ZCCs) having their headquarters at Patiala, Udaipur, Allahabad, Kolkata, Dimapur, Nagpur and Thanjavur. 

In a written reply in the Lok Sabha today Smt. Katoch said, the main objectives of the ZCCs are the preservation, promotion and dissemination of the traditional folk arts and culture of the various States/ Union Territories. 

The ZCCs endeavor to develop and promote the rich diversity and uniqueness of various arts of the Zone and to upgrade and enrich consciousness of the people about their cultural heritage.

 The ZCCs have been carrying out various activities and organizing programmes at the national, zonal and local levels in accordance with their aims and objectives, achieved through the various schemes which inter-alia include documentation of vanishing Art Forms. 

The Minister said, there is no plan in the Ministry of Culture for registration of these arts under Intellectual Property Rights. 

Further, Section 38 & 38A of the Copyright Act, 1957 of Ministry of Human Resource Development provides exclusive rights to protect performances of performers. 

The performances of Tribals can be registered in the Copyright Office as per Section 45 of the Act. 

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